Saskia Mensink (Zwolle, 1971), studied Graphic Design within Architecture at the University of Arts in Kampen in The Netherlands. To nurture the applied direction, she complemented her studies with the autonomous direction Painting. Her interest in philosophy – the unity of opposites as well as the small in the big picture – are reflected in her art.


MONUMENTAL EYECATCHERS & LITTLE TREASURES | The paintings are also characterized by contrasts, e.g. in texture and structure. Saskia: ” I study the structures and light in nature, among other things. In the paintings I use glossy acrylic paint, inspired by sparkling light. To reinforce this, I put matte surfaces next to the shiny ones.” Varying rays of sunlight throughout the day create dynamism and the PAINTING BRINGS A VIBRANT SENSE IN THE WHOLE LIVING ROOM OR OFFICE.


Saskia: “What is in me in terms of feeling, I paint from my heart on the canvas. My fascination for colours, structures and patterns from nature inspire me. In the paintings you often find contrasts such as matte & gloss, light & dark and dynamic and still. The characteristic thing about the paintings, is that they fascinate, there is all kinds of things to discover in them, you are touched by them and they release emotions.”